PC parts repurposed!

My husband came back from working on a project a while ago, and brought home a hardly used, broken computer keyboard. He said the guys were recycling them at this office he was working with, and he said he'd take one home to reporpose as a toy for his daughter to play with. He unscrewed the wire slot, removed the wiring and screwed it back in place. I cloroxed the thing (office germs are the worst!), and Freida woke up to a usually totally tabooed toy! She was so excited that she was allowed to slam the keys by herself while I left her alone to explore. Of course, we all know that they do in fact know the difference --- and she still loves the special skype moments with Bubby whilst I let her bang on the real thing, but you'd be surprised at how happy she is when I set her up with her keyboard in her stroller/high chair next to her Daddy on the computer... total time killer! ; )

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