I don't know about you, but with Valentines day images and gimmicks popping up all over the place, I find it quite difficult to not get into it... I've got love on the mind. It's not that we need the VDay concept, as Jews we're so lucky that we get to have somewhat of a love-reinstatement once a month!  I don't necessarily understand investing all your relationship-ness into one day of the year... but I have to say, it is rather thoughtful to have a day/time of year to focus on and appreciate your love-life. So I admit, I've been inspired. Sometimes it's hard to remember that we were wives before mothers, brides before wives, and hot single ladies before that! : )

Want to dedicate some posts this week to help reinstall some bedroom fun, update the routine, break the rut, and focus on the loveliness of love... Stay tuned.

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