Organic Fruit Mashups!

It's been a few days... apologies for the lack of posts; been kinda out of commission here. I think Freida may have the respiratory virus that is going around... the coughing won't stop!! I think I'll take her in to the doctor later today.... Anyways, I was doing a few (very old, totally procrastinated) returns/exchanges at BabiesRUs last week, and it was just one of the those trips - baby won't stop kvetching, my snack supply (a.k.a "Freida's retail entertainment") is running out, and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Naturally I head over to the food/snack isle to find some goodies to keep the tot busy, and I made a wonderful discovery! A kosher squeezable fruit (I have always had my eye on the Trader Joe's version - wondering why it can't be kosher)!! From the company Revolution Foods, this great product is called Mashups. It's basically a squeezable apple sauce, made from 100% organic fruits, and totally void of: added sugar, transfats, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial ingredients. The kid-safe resealable cap makes this the easiest, squeeziest snack to throw in your bag, the glove compartment,  their luchbox etc. Bonus points for the yumminess - Freida literally slurped happily on the stuff until I finished my toy store errands.

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