Purim Basket: Biscotti

Wishing you all the most happiest Purim!!

Here's my take on this year's shalach manos:

The labels read,"Cinnamon Chocolate Biscotti - here's to the last of winter's cozy tea-times...".

Thought it'd be fun to shake things up a bit (everyone will be getting plenty of pre-packaged hamantashen, wine, and candies) - so I decided to give out some goodies that I know I would love to receive! Made some yummy biscotti (recipe forthcoming!), added a few bags of Organic Chai Tea, and wrapped it up with some craft raffia (i had leftover from Freida's birthday bubbles) - creating a simple, last minute, totally, deliciously-cozy purim-basket re-vamp! : )

(had to throw in some pre-wrapped chocolate in order for it to actually constitute as a purim mitzvah...)

P.S Mason Jars totally rock!!


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