In Wonderland

We were planning on going to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland this Saturday night with our friends, we're just having a hard time deciding if it's worth waiting on line for an hour in order to secure a decent seat...? Haven't seen a movie on opening weekend since Batman the Dark Knight, and although we bought tickets online way in advance, we still had to wait in a line around the block for over an hour (me and my 9 month pregnant belly didn't love that)! But this is Tim Burton - I'm not so sure I can hold off! : ) Wanted to share these incredible film prints of the original Alice in Wonderland. Created and filmed in 1903 (!!), the one and only surviving print had been recently restored by the British Film Industry's National Archive. This film is over 100 years old!!!! Enjoy (I sure did)!

Also, check out this flyer/movie poster that my (graphic designer) brother Yossi produced for Purim at Columbia University. What a charmingly fabulous theme this makes!! Keep in mind for next year...

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