Babysitter in a Box - In Flight

On Sunday we'll be making the voyage to Chicago Ohare Airport (via JetBlue, yay!). Been thinking about travel by air in general, and talking with lots of friends who are traveling with tots in toe this week as well. Here's a little roundup to help with the in-flight entertainment department, and aid in keeping our sanity at 30,000 ft.

1. Pop Up Airplane Bingo $7.99

Keep the kids busy searching their board for a "flight attendant" or a "pair of headphones".

2. CARES 5-Point Harness Belt

Mom's swear by this -aside from the safety-  for keeping toddlers calm and collected in their seats.

3. Crayon Rocks $6.95

Break out a rainbow of fun with these rockin' crayons, and a simple stack of coloring/activity books.

4. Djeco Origami Set $15.95

Keep any chatterbox (i.e girl) quiet and entertained with this set of beautiful foldable paper and stickers.

5. Smith's Rosebud Salve $6.00

My favorite staple! Keeps lips lucious, doubles as a moisturizer, and triples as a diaper balm!

6. Wikki Stix $3.25

Part modeling clay + part pipe cleaner = heaps of clean-up-free fun!

7. Mary's Gone Crackers Sticks & Twigs (you can get single bags @ Whole Foods)

Airplane pretzel healthy alternative!

8. Baekgaard's Luggage Tags (& Passport Cover) $36.00

The plane ride was long enough - find your bags in a snap!

9. Nordstrom's Cashmere Pashmina $38.90 (!!)

Blanket, scarf, sweater... airplane neccessity!!!

Happy travels, Mommies! Enjoy the Holidays!

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