Fast and Slow

Observing the toddlers at play this weekend, I couldn't help but notice the drastic diference in their personalities! My little nephew is super-smart, super-fast, and all over the place! Freida is a stark opposite, walking slowly, stopping every few feet to (literally!) smell the flowers, look at leaves, attempt to eat a potato bug etc... She kept looking up with a bit of envy at her cousin running up the block at mach speed, and he continuously found her leisure curiosity amusing. Reminded me of this song from (the amazing) Laurie Berkner. [youtube=]

Isn't this video charming?? The costumes, the artwork as backdrop - incredible!!

Check our other favorite songs from her: Rocketship Run, Family, Victor Vido, and I'm Gonna Catch You.

Believe it or not, she also did the vocals for one Weeds theme song "Little Boxes" (a bit out of character for a children's song-writer, but great nonetheless). : )

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