If the Shoe Fits.....

So after much thought over Freida's first little pair of kicks, we went for her "first shoe fitting" at Nordstroms a while ago, only to find out that her feet were too small to wear a regular shoe (she is under size 3). There went the saltwaters, the converse, and any other cute supportive baby options! I got her another pair of 'softies' and left the store quite anguished about my little girls tiny body. Again. : ) (Before she was born I bought a few adorable layette outfits I planned on taking the newborn baby home in, but little Freida came into this world weighing in a mere 4.7 lbs!! She went home in a hospital t-shirt over her arms and legs and a tightly swaddled blanket.)

My sister (thanks Shterni!) recently found a great pair of sneakers at Nordstrom Rack that she swore would fit Freida's itty-bitty feet. I had my doubts, but she was right - they were a perfect fit, and remained faithful through many trips to the park. Thankful for having found those teeny sneakers, I continued my quest for a lightweight shoe that could go beyond the playground. That's how Freida got her first pair of ballet slippers - the Baby Blochs. They are all their makers claim them to be. The leather is soft and buttery, and they fit like a good ol' glove - without leaving behind a mark on her fat little baby foot. She is a bit obsessed with them (or the concept of them - the word "ballet" makes her breath grow rapid!). I even caught her tip-toeing in silent concentration around her room in them... They are a fabulous buy, going great with everything from frilly dresses to boyfriend jeans, and would make a perfect baby gift as well. We picked hers up at Kitson, but if you search around a bit, I'm sure there are quite a few baby boutiques that carry this lovely Australian line.

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