H20 on the Go

These Vapur® water "bottles" are apparently the hottest thing since Sigg's. Actually, they are way hotter than Sigg's - taking up no room when empty! Their makers brag them to be: reusable, attachable, identifiable, freezable, cleanable, and foldable. Made from ultra-durable BPA-Free polymer, these foldable canteens are dishwasher and freezer safe. They stand up straight when full, and fold up teeny-tiny when empty; providing us all with a super-convenient way to stay just a bit greener... Mom's are bound to love these lil' liquid gadgets - perfect for stashing in diaper bags, glove compartments, lunch boxes, strollers, clutches, evening bags etc. Don't you just love when people go out of their way to make our lives easier?? : ) Stay hydrated this summer and keep the fluids flowing!

You can get some on their website for $8.95.

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