A Skokie Summer Shoot

I've been blessed with having some wonderfully talented photographers in my family. To me, photographs capture a moment/time/place even more than words can ever tell. I grew up with my father, always with a camera, shooting even the smallest special moments with the kids. He diligently kept albums for each of us; photographs narating out little worlds, which have now become a treasury of life - a tale of childhood, youth, growth, and family. Photographs are worth all the time in the world, all the lugging around a camera, all the stopping mid-action to capture a smile, a laugh, a tear. These pictures become keepsakes for families and children to enjoy and pass on for years to come...

The most fabulous pictures come about through watching a child in action. Skip the posing, skip the props, skip the backdrops (inevitably skipping out the stress, time, and drama of family photos in studios). Photography is most captivating when it's honest. Take your kids to the park and let them play. A good photographer (or your own camera!) should be able to join you and capture their playful moments of happiness.

These photos were taken by my incredibly artistic brother, Yossi Belkin.

And Freida's wardrobe is by Peek...Aren't You Curious.

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