Peas Please!

Alright, this is super random, but when I figured this out I found myself wishing some seasoned mom had let me in on the secret... So I'm just sharing the discovery. Frozen Peas.

Freida never swallowed a single pea in her little life. At 5 months old she spit out the pea puree over and over again, at 9 months old she spit-shot little steamed peas out of her mouth and onto the floor, and at 15 months old (don't know why I didn't just give it up!) she actually scratched the pea remnants (after spitting it out) off her tongue!

I so wanted her to like peas! Aside from broccoli she really doesn't get many green veggies in her diet (she doesn't chew leafy greens very well), and peas are such an easy on-the-go protein to sneak into any mealtime/snacktime.

Well, today she loves peas. Frozen peas. We've dubbed them "ice cream peas", and she's obsessed. Victory. Was worth the wait... easy vitamins, fiber, and protein all rolled into one teeny tiny pea.

Try it, they'll like it. (Maybe.)

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