Little Torah - girls edition.

Hope you all had a fabulous last few days of holiday cheer... No disrespect to the magical month of Tishrei, but it is awfully nice to get back to normal (or at least attempt to get back to normal). Whipped out my planner last night and got down to the nitty-gritty: shopping lists, to-do's, home-improvement projects, business proposals, scheduling, cleaning (the list goes on!) etc. Along with the calendar-crunch-time came the realization that two very important dates are simply around the corner: our wedding anniversary, & Freida's 2nd birthday!  I'm sure all you ladies are at about the same place I am today - getting things figured out and under control; best of luck! Last week I finally get down to finishing my little Torah project for Freida. She danced her heart out with this stuffed number over Simchas Torah, but I see she enjoys it even more as an addition to our davening-time essentials!

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