The Novelty of Nordstrom

I've always said that there are 4 places I can walk into, anywhere in the world, and immediately feel like I'm home: Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, and Nordstrom. The reasons are namely, the familiarity, the repetition... the way each and every branch is laid out in the same fashion. The service never wavers, and the selection is akin - no matter where on the globe you may find yourself. Nordstrom is a world all its own, it stands out from every other department store, and never seems to change its goodness. A recent run-in with their fabulous customer service has compelled me to share the shopping-joy!

Nordstrom has an official policy that they do not deal with consumer's Bugaboo issues, rather customers must contact Bugaboo offices directly with problems. Now, after months and months of Bugaboo back-and-forth-ing me without so much as an ounce of actual physical problem-solving, I headed back to Nordstrom. I brought with me a file of printed e-mails (the complete and ongoing dialogue), and stated that this is only item I've ever purchased from Nordstrom that I feel fully dissatisfied with the lack of service to back up their product. The manager (thank you, Kathrine!!) leafed through the e-mails, apologized for my inconvenience, and provided me with an even exchange right then and there. Retail simply just doesn't get any better than Nordstrom!

(Oh, did I mention Freida received her first hand-written post-card in the mail? Nordstrom shoe department checking in if her shoes still fit!)

Keep in mind, as a customer you retain the right to be satisfied. Shop happy, dear friends. : )

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