Culinary Arts: redefined.

The fair folks over at Ikea now bring their arts to the kitchen (other than through well designed and beloved kitchen basics) - via cookbook. Hembakat är Bäst, Homemade Is Best, is the latest in Ikea styling - shot by photographer Carl Kleiner and styled by (the very obviously talented) Evelina Bratell, this cookbook (well, it's technically a bake-book) can lend creative inspiration through even the most mundane of recipes. Guess what that abstract art above makes? Almond Buns!

New York Magazine released an article and gave props to the photographer, but in my very humble opinion - this is just as much about, if not more than about, the incredible stylist!!

Check out some of the other fabulous images:

You can pick up one of these complimentary copies at Ikea - in Sweden. : )

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