Crew Colors

My sister-in-law Esther started running a fabulous little preschool out of her home in LA, and I recently starting sending Freida there on Mondays. It's an incredible opportunity that I can't pass up; being able to introduce Freida to the concept of "school" while still in the comfort-zone of a home that's familiar to her, her aunt as the Morah, and her cousin to buddy with. It has made for a lovely transition (thanks so much, Esther!!). The concept of having a few hours alone to myself on a weekday morning was the more novel part of the venture... : ) I had a few errands to run today (a quest for those $7 Gap pajamas, a few questions at the Apple Genius Bar etc.), and whilst on my leisurely detour I stopped in to J. Crew and discovered some fantastic boxed-up nail color! Apparently Essie and J. Crew have joined the collaboration party and landed themselves some pretty practical nail options: 4 mini Essie current-colors-of-the-season in a minimalistic cardboard box. Love it. I had been on the lookout for some new nail color (since I missed the Chanel Khaki train!!), and fell for this little $20 box of lovelies.

I find that after a year, nail polish goes bad, and I never use up an entire bottle over the course of a year; these mini bottles are convenient, practical, and won't wind up still full in the trash. Not to mention the fact that these would make for easy, no-fail gifts.  Hat-tip, J. Crew!

(In my box: Demure Vixen, Vermillionaire, BBF Best Boyfriend, and Mink Muffs.)

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