We went double-dating to Phantom of the Opera this week with some friends of ours, and had a great night out! I forget how important it is to get out with adults every once in a while... It's just so rejuvenating! I'm such a homebody; I'd rather spend a romantic evening with an old film and some warm apple pie, cuddled up on the living room couch than an evening out. Only after I do actually get out do I realize how good I feel and how integral it is to our well-being as a couple. I always love going to the Pantages! My husband and I had our first actual "date" there, we saw the Lion King - we shared that as a childhood favorite. Since then we've seen a number of wonderful productions (two of my favorites being Fiddler on the Roof and Rain), but Phantom of the Opera, I have to be honest - I don't think I got it. I guess you must be opera-versed or something, because I couldn't make out lots of the dialogue... That being said, the scene "Phantom of the Opera" was one of the most breathtaking, thrilling, and gripping scene ever. Anyways, having the show on my mind - I can't get over how many Phantom-of-the-opera inspired things I've stumbled upon this week!! They're adorable, to boot!! Who would've known a simple mask could be so chic??

1. French Terry Mask T-shirt

2. Cotton Mask Onesie

3. Canvas Mask Messenger Bag

4. Baby/Toddler Burnout Mask Tee

5. Mask Bandanas

6. 14k Gold Mask Necklace

From the most charming little collection @ Atsuyo Et Akiko.

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