Jeggings go Potty

Turns out the "jegging"-trend is useful for more than just comfortable baby jean options; it's the perfect DIY potty pants! When potty training a toddler (especially a younger one!) pants that they can pull down and up on their own is the number one essential! Not too keen on completely forfeiting Freida's jean options, I picked up a pair of Levi jeggings ($10) and now I'm totally hooked! She can pull them down with ease (no snaps, buttons, or zippers), and pull them right back up - properly - on her own. Potty-training is enough of a bother for a toddler - feeling inadequate about getting their pants up shouldn't be part of the process... Believe it or not, people tell me "I love her little skinny jeans!" without realizing they are knit leggings. Super-comfy, cuper-cute - even for pre-potty rugrats!

(We slightly paused on the potty-training thing, going to go for it properly after her 2nd birthday... For now we just try it twice a day to get her used to the potty seat. Sometimes she pees, sometimes she doesn't - but it is definitely helpful in getting her accustomed to going and sitting etc. Once we actually start training I will post a PDF of our potty chart and system. Wish us luck!!)

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