Bathing Beauty

The latest to hit the baby-gear radar is an invention that will have new and seasoned moms alike wish-listing immediately! I have a baby bathtub sitting at the very top of my storage closet, taking up a nice amount of much-in-demand space - at least I know what this foldable creation could do for my apartment life...

An older brother of the "Puj" baby bath (which is essentially good for newborns only), but from different producers, the FlexiBath is one space-saving-grace of a tub! I know there are plenty of moms out there who go directly to the bathroom bathtub for baby baths, but I used my plastic baby tub on top of my bathroom counter for (gasp!) 7 months! My kid was tiny, and my method was back-ache free. Will definitely be looking into getting this sleek looking, flat-storing, super form+functional beauty of a bath for future bathing babes!

The Flexibath is available now in many different baby stores and boutiques, and is retailing for about $35.00. You can get one through Amazon here.

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