For the Love of Winter

Though it feels as if winter is deeply upon us, today is actually the very first day of the season... While the miserable rain and sleet continue to fall (don't mean to offend you snow-out folk - but this is winter to us!), I thought I'd post some wonderful wintery reasons to love the freezing season!

- Cozy winter tea times like this one.

- Treks up the mountain for some flurry family fun with this Zipfy snow sled.

- Living chilly weeks on end in your favorite hoodie.

- Lots of rainy-day warm chocolate cookie batter licking!

- Cozy-up couch time with a new-for-winter cotton cable knit throw.

- Break out the adorably snuggly and charming baby bundles!

- Epic outdoor skating rinks - be it with palm trees or Prometheus.

- Hot doses of wintery bone-warming soups like this one.

- The arrival of good-looking snow boots!

Either way, wishing you a happy winter all around!

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