Covering the Fashion Trends

I hope you all enjoyed the extra little bit of weekend we were graced with. The weather here spiked to the 80's (!!), so I've simply been frolicking outdoors - it was the kind of weather that brings you an intense amount of actual physical pleasure - and it was glorious! On Sunday I found myself leafing through the Urban Outfitters early spring catalogue and wound up in a state of shock a few pages in; a full-headscarf wearing, high buttoned blouse sporting, long sleeved clad women - who looked an awfully lot like my 2nd grade Hebrew teacher - was splashed across their main spread! Is that model from Boro Park? Did the folks over at Urban find some fashion inspiration from the many religious jewish women who frequent their stores? How is that now a trend?? After studying the photoshoot a bit more, I realized that this whole thing was in fact shot in Israel (looks like Tel-Aviv). So while the headscarfs and blouses are part of the Urban spring collection, I know beyond a reasonable doubt that these style trends were most definitely sparked by the ultra-orthodox ladies of the land. I mean, when I'm in Vegas with friends we get a nice amount of stares for covering out hair by the pool - I never thought I'd see a fashion lineup of hot models at the Dead Sea shore in bikini tops and tichels! Someone should tell Urban to start carrying the Milano WiGrip! :)

But that was early Sunday morning. Sunday evening brought something entirely more stupefying altogether: the couture at the Golden Globes. Hollywood's red carpet was a shroud of coverage! I honestly couldn't get over the long-sleeved revolution (we won't mention the low-dip backs, it's the front that's topic of interest)! I know the runways have been getting much more coverage over the past 3 seasons, but this was absurd! Apparently the right to bare arms has been eclipsed by the sleek long-sleeve trend... and they all look ravishing, to boot!

There's just something so astonishing about seeing Angelina Jolie, a sex-symbol of today's world, with her partner Brad Pitt, an absolute classic Hollywood icon - in a dress that is far more modest than anything I can manage to bring myself to wear!!

Modestly seems to be the latest in fashion trend policy... good luck keeping up!!

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