Cool Runnings

If you haven't noticed, I'm super stoked about our trip to Chicago next week, and I've got winter on the brain! With my childhood in Canada and the Mid-west, I really had my fair share of snow sledding experiments (in 4th grade I even broke my leg while doing some casual hill-side sledding at a friend's in Wisconsin), and test-running all sorts of sleds downhill. Funny how some things never change; apparently I'm still in the 4th grade - on the lookout for the hippest most ergonomic sled of the season! And it looks like I've found it... The Zipfy Mini Luge is one of the cutest compact sleds I've ever seen. It promises top-notch safety, easy-as-pie maneuvering, and the most thrilling downhill ride! The small-scale production is the factor that truly steals my heart (at only 3.5 pounds and 13"L x 21"W x 16"H!!), not to mention me being a sucker for all those bright color options!

Zipfy Mini Luge, $35.00

And if you think the Zipfy is cute, check out it's little brother - Zipfy Junior (ages 3-5)!

Zipfy Junior, $29.99

New York Magazine wrote about the debut of the Zipfy in 2008 and was quoted having said, "Where the average plastic saucer lumbers down a city-park hillsides like a minibus, [Zipfy] handles more like a Porsche...”.

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