Weekend Round-up!

Greetings from freezing Chicago!

Sorry I've been MIA over on the blogesphere; we've been busy with heaps of family events and parties! Thankfully we made it to that white winter wedding (it even made the evening news!) in one piece (minimal skidding involved!), and we made sure to party hard with the adorable bride and groom (you can view some pictures of the wedding party here). I haven't had much face-time with my computer this week, apologies for the lack of posts! But here are some links from around the web that I've been meaning to share with you all:

- Dwell Studio now does mobiles.

- PASKEZ Teeny Bits Cookies featured on the Not Martha blog!

- A new and useful mom-in-the-kitchen app.

- Dreaming of springtime in this awesome bracelet...

- An easy ode to Valentine's Day.

-  The most adorable little French bow-ties.

Wishing you all another fabulous weekend!! Stay warm my cold-weather compadres!

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