Green Eggs and Pam

In honor of the birthday of Theodor Geisel -the madman-genius who is Dr. Seuss, (and for Mimi who let me in on that super-random, super-notable fact!), I'll share a kosher-kitchen recipe inspired by his most non-kosher of books. Green Eggs and Pam (well, technically it's not even real "pam", just extra virgin olive oil from a Misto spray bottle) came to me when I was a single workin'-girl, at home in Chicago for 24 hours for a friends wedding, and famished/hungover at about 4am in my mother's cook-tempting kitchen. Out came the eggs, the skillet- the pesto! It's not a recipe so much as a revelation... Whisk eggs with a generous dollop of pesto; scramble, fry, or poach your way to savory-breakfast perfection! Garnish with flecks of goat cheese, feta, or even parmesan.

Plus, once we're on the Seuss subject, I'll leave you with some loony links I love:

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Happy Birthday to the man who encourages our children to "Hop on Pop" - which is especially helpful in the early morning!

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