Happy, Happy Weekend!

This weekend will be my first time leaving Freida (aside from my 12 hours in Arizona last week) since she was born!! Not just that, but I'm going to be spending it on a girls weekend...in Vegas!!! (How awesome are those vintage flapper hats??)

My sister-in-law (Happist Birthday Esther!!) has arranged a little "Vegas, baby" getaway for her girlfriends, and while I'm super stoked to spend some time soakin' sun and partying hard with the girls, I can't deny being a tad bit nervous (I think it's even tinged with a little bit of sadness) to leave Freida and the Mr. for a full weekend... I know, I'm totally pathetic. But i guess there's a first for everything! I know the trip will be so incredible, and I'm hoping the kid and the dad will remain safe and sane enough for me to plan many, many more of these mini-vacations in the future!

Thought I'd share these 3 things that are currently making me happy to travel the desert:

DvF luggage - color and convenience (plus a 10 year warranty)!

Fillipo Catarzi Sun Hat - serious ray protection, Italian milliner perfection!

2Bamboo Swimwear - now we can buy a bikini by cup size! Brallelujah!

Here's to the heat!! Happy weekend ya'll!

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