Holy Blood Stains Sacred Earth

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjK8M4uxcjM&feature=player_embedded#at=287] I know I've been MIA since my return from the desert, but I've simply been too introverted to extrovert any form of thoughts...

The shock and horror that ensued inside my heart, and surely inside the hearts of you all, upon hearing about and seeing this massacre has been much too painful to speak of. What stings even more is tuning in to the news (TV, radio, web) and finding not a mention of the butchering of our brothers. Not a reference to the massacre; nor hint to the monstrosity!

I feel compelled to vent to you readers (even though it is about something that I though was obvious and understood!), and to call upon you... to learn. I have heard many different reactions to the news of this terror, and believe it or not - there are women who think that living in a settlement in Israel with a family is not just "irresponsible", but "wrong". These were words used in a lash of anger these women felt; yet it was vested in the wrong place simply because they didn't know where else to channel it! My advice is to channel this intense anger toward God. But the least you can do is know, and if you don't know - learn. Know that these people, these victims of blood, are heros. And not just to their neighbors, nor solely to Israel, but to each and every one of us! And not just to us, but to the world as a whole who refuses to see the monsters - even when unmasked in attack. Just make sure you know. Know they are fighting, and what they are fighting for. Support them in your heart and in your mind. I was literally blown away to hear girls saying that they think these settlements are filled with those living in unnecessary danger; that they can move out at any given time! It is our obligation, as a part of the Jewish people, to know that we are lazy and selfish. Who do we think we are to sit here in comfort, in safety, and judge the commitment of our superhero brothers?! We are obligated to know we need them! To thank them at every given opportunity for their service - not to their government or their country - but to us! They are providing us with a safe haven. A place of refuge. A holy Land. Know this today, and give thanks. Know this, so we can fight for freedom from evil. So we can teach the world, one at a time... peace is a place in the heart, not a stab in one.

In June 2005 I wrote and recorded a song with my brothers about the Gush Katif expulsion. You can read the lyrics here. That was the beginning of the story, this is the second chapter. What's left is how this will end...

Watch this video, and click here to help the true heros - the settlers.


I do understand that the media is currently consumed with talk and reports of the devastation in Japan - and I don't want to give the impression that I'm ready to overlook the awful tragedies that have befallen the good people Japan - please click here to donate to Earthquake and Tsunami relief!!

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