Pops for Purim

While I wanted to teach Freida the concept of Shalach Manos, I also felt it was a bit extraneous for a 2 year old to be giving out a basket of food to her teeny-tiny friends. I decided to go with giving over the general idea of distributing treats to your friends; simply the concept of "giving". I can imagine it would be a bit stressful if Freida were to receive heaps of sweets on Purim day, so I went with something that at least I'd be okay getting for my little bug: one little lollipop.

I wish I could say that I'm a creative genius - fact is though, I'm not that awesome. Found these online last year around Valentines day over at DesignMom who found this incredibly hot idea on a blog called 24-7-365. So cheers to those super-moms who made my little girl's first Purim favors this adorable! Naturally, I wanted to go with a Yummy Earth Organic sucker, or at least the Trade Joe's variety, but the wrapper was too big and blocked her face so I had to resort to the sugar-laden, dye-induced Dumdum...(I guess not everything can work out perfect).

The project cost about $4 (for 20) at a photo printing machine in a local pharmacy + $2 for the pops. Bingo! The best part is the fact that I printed plenty of extras so she has something to give to anyone and everyone all Purim long (though initially I just made them for her to give out to her school friends at Esther's Gan). The whole think took about 20 minutes. I took a picture of Freida with her arm outstretched in a fist, printed it with some text, used an exacto knife to cut a slit at the top of the fist and at the bottom, and slid the lolly through. Plus, the shock factor when kids look at the thing is the most fun part. :)

Wishing you all a Purim brimming with joy and heaps of genuine fun! Have a super-awesome Purim weekend!

P.S. You can easily turn this whole concept into a "real" Shalach Manos by just glueing the photo to a juice box, or a bag of chips/popcorn etc.

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