Spring Forward

I've been getting my gears into order the past few days, recuperating post-purim-party... All that junk-food supply delegation led to serious pantry organization, and costume re-storage led to restoring some form of order to the storage closet etc. It's been a rather productive 2 days... Purim was a success all it's own. Freida was well-prepared and seriously enjoyed the holiday. And not just for the candy. She was obsessed with the Magillah reading, and struck with Haman-anticipation-syndrome! It was definitely the most exciting thing that transpired in her little world since she got her first drum set. All that legal noisemaking really won her over.

With a bout of feigning to wear her tutu, somehow, her costume went from "Modern Indian" to "Modern Indian Princess" but we rolled with the punches and embraced the new-age fusion. :)

With the commencement of spring this week, came my yearning for some green life 'round the house (aside from my weekly spring Daffodils!), and I went shopping for my first in-house ceramic planter. Now if only I knew what sort of houseplant I want to fill it with....

Isn't that a fabulous design for a planter?? It's handmade in Vietnam by a company called Doan Potters, and evidently they produce some really cheerful and colorful ceramics! Please send any tried-and-true, easy-to-care-for, air-purifying houseplant suggestions this way!!

Happy Spring!!

(Thank you Zalmy Berkowitz for that super-cute shot!!)

P.S. Here's one last hurrah to Mason Jars (via strawberry-rhubarb sauce, corn muffin, and cream cheese frosting)!!

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