Weekend Round-up!

So glad to be wishing you a glorious spring weekend!! Here in our neck of the woods the temperature spiked to 90° (!!), and then dropped low again with an even drizzle... Weather's gone bipolar! Hopefully we'll be hitting the beach sometime in the next few weeks for the start of our Sunday-by-the-ocean-season. For now, we are enjoying (albeit interruptedly!) the freshness of the first of spring sunshine.

This weekend Freida is experiencing her first "sleepover". Her best-buddy-cousin Zali is joining us on his own for 2 days, and so far they've been a double delight! Zali has 3 older rambunctious brothers and I was curious to witness the many ways I'd see that difference in reference to Freida being a dainty only one in this family. For about an hour after we brought the little guy to settle in our apartment, I hardly heard a peep from either of them as they played sweetly (yes, I was spying) at the play-kitchen in Freida's room. After the first 30 minutes I decided to go in and check out the progress. There they stood, side by side, each holding a lid on a pot resting on the play-kitchen elements. Freida called out for me to, "taste my soup, Mama?" while Zali held the lid tight and declared with wide-eyes, "I caught a frog!". There you have it folks; a little boy and little girl. :)

Here are some things I've been meaning to share with you this week:

- The epitome of a simple + chic spring outfit.

- Most depressing thing I've come across all week.

- Liberty of London + Nike? Yes, please!

- Things like this not only make me sick, but force me to side with the feminists movement.

- #1 reason for needing a knitting lesson: this hat!

I could live in these shoes all summer long!

Supremely adorable music video for Kate Spade Collection.

Happy Spring Sunday!!!

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