Spring Shade Strollin'

And I'm back! My trip was absolutely fabulous - in all sorts of ways. But more about that later. While street-shopping on Tuesday, it dawned on me that I had never seen so many Bugaboos in one day! Crown Heights has got to have the most Bugaboos in any little neighborhood on earth!! I've always felt that while knocking it out of the park in regards to design, function, and efficiency, the European folks over at Bugaboo seemed to miss a hit when it came to the color palette. They went with bright and shocking primaries, which may be great for some folks, but most, I believe, would have loved to tone it down a bit with some softer and more subdued shades. I went with all brown in the beginning, and  upgraded to grey + black last year, but I still found myself craving some subtle color...

Well, they're finally here! Bugaboo color collection for Spring 2011 are simply rocking the cradles!! The selection is a fantastic way to put some spring shades in your baby steps...!

You can see the new color option details here.

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