Let the Wheels Roll

As I've previously mentioned, due to my cleaning help this year I was able to focus more on spring cleaning/home improvements instead of actual nitty-gritty Pesach prep. We got quite a lot done (some of which had been on our "to do" list for about a year...), and although I felt really productive in the weeks leading up to the holiday, I'm still in "organize-mode" and clearing out some (more!) junk drawers and setting up some better systems (my method for storing recipes really needs a revamp!). Thought I'd share some of the more fun projects we knocked out over the past month...

A few months ago we found this shipment crate laying out for recycling down the block. We decided to nix it's journey on the eco-friendly truck and give it a new life as a toy/random object box for our living room; a much-needed spot to stash or transport "floaters" that have made their way around the house.

The project was inspired by a Milk magazine cover I had seen a while ago, and I had one wish-listed from Rose & Grey for quite some time (but there's like a 4 week wait list!), so we conjured up a similar concept with some sandpaper, spay-on shellack, shipment stencils, black spray paint, and 4 industrial wheels.

Oh, how I love having a handy husband! :)

Naturally, Freida is a bit obsessive over the push-able "stuff box" and is totally loving the fact that she can keep some toys in someplace other than her room... Perhaps her obsessive compulsive mama is slowly cracking. Hooray!

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