Breakfast in Bed: for Dummies or Dads

On my birthday morning I was graced with a little bed & breakfast luxury: a tray of deliciousness delivered by my little lady - still sporting her jammies and a very toothy grin, balancing wobbling a tray of stacked waffles, cream, and berries + a plastic wine goblet filled with OJ.

I was a little shocked at the culinary display in this birthday breakfast, mostly because they were waffles (we don't even own a waffle maker), and more importantly because they were genuinely good waffles! When I finally got the secret out of the man with the plan, I figured I'd share the goodness here. My sister in law (thanks Rivky!!) is super-amazing at finding the most random of kosher items - she fine combs all the fine print in search of a kosher symbol on packaging I'd never even think to pick up! She somehow discovered these pre-packaged Kosher Belgian Waffles at Ralphs! (Certified Kosher Pareve and Pas Yisroel).

Initially I figured that the pre-packed single-sell version of anything baked must be despicably unhealthy (think Twinkie), but as it turns out, these just happen to be popular due to their healthy(er) ingredient list (unbleached flour, non-hydrogenated oils etc.). Pretty sweet for a store-bought treat! Plus, it's a devious and genius plan for a Mother's Day brunch by a kitchen-illiterate daddy.

Anyways, we enjoyed them.

Cheers! To getting 2 mornings off in one week (I hope!!) :)

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