Trends of the Feather

I don't know what exactly it is about the festival of Lag BaOmer, but somehow I've always associated this bon-fire, barbecue-ing, band-of-brothers holiday  with feathers. Perhaps it's the archery...? Anyways, feathers seem to be an item. The current "it" theme. Here's a few of my favorites: Royal Icing Cookies from Cookieboy

Feather-themed House-wares Roundup, via Apartment Therapy

Fantastic Vintage Arrows DIY

And while I generally prefer to keep this a politics-free-zone, (after today's infuriating speech; i don't really mind making a jab!) this cartoon said it all... the (lone) feather in Obama's hat.

Also, on Good Day LA this morning Jillian was rocking the most retro sweatshirt-y top displaying a cluster of graphic scrawled feathers - was so rad!! But you would have already known that, seen the picture, and see where she got it, if you'd follow FreidaFroo on Twitter and join the party!!

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