Here & Hair

We're having a sick day here at home this Monday. Freida picked up a stomach virus and has been up all night (and I mean all night!) throwing up. Parenthood never ceases to amaze me, and when a child goes through 7 pairs of pajamas, 3 crib sheets, 2 queen sheets, 2 pillow cases, some carpet tiles (I kid you not!), and her sleep-deprived parents continue to pleasantly and dutifully clean up, wipe up, and change her - it's motherhood magic! My sick little girl was crying for water, but every chug she took induced another bout of vomiting minutes later. Definitely not the most glamourous part of parenting; but by far, the most radical embodiment of human care. Anyways, poor Freida is doing much better now, thank God, and has pretty much spent the day sleeping on and off and slowly ingesting fluids and soup broth. I on the other hand, have enjoyed this much-too-tired-to-do-anything-else low-key of a day; working on my recipe cards, and playing around with different hot-mess looks for my (shaitel) hair via this and that:


Hopefully Freida will be feeling better soon, but for now these options are nice break from my usual.

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