Paper Beads

Well, we're still laying low today. Freida is still running a mild fever, but thankfully slept through the night peacefully, and seems to be doing much much better. Getting her to eat is apparently going to prove difficult today - she keeps saying "no! don't want to frow up again on the floor!", so we're still taking it slow in the meal department (eg. cups of warm soup. applesauce. yogurt.), but I suppose that means she doesn't truly have an appetite.

Anyways, being home for another morning was nice and peaceful, but since she is on the recovery and not quite as under-the-weather as yesterday, she wanted to actually do something. While playing with the lacing cards and shoestring in her bedroom, she asked me if she can make a necklace... I didn't have any beads on hand, and I wasn't keen on a cheerios-around-the-house mess, so I thought I'd make some paper beads with her. I had seen a tutorial on Mini-Eco (via Creative Jewish Mom) a while ago, and I knew I had all the components on hand, so we got busy!

You basically just need some paper (I used colored card stock, but magazine print works fabulously as well) and glue (I added some glitter; at the point with Freida, sparkle = fun). Just cut isosceles triangles from the paper, wrap it around something like a pen, skewer, or paintbrush, and use some glue to hold it together. Then slide it off, let it dry, and get to lacing!

And while she still wasn't feeling well enough to do much else before lunch, she smiled proudly each time she fingered her glittery beaded jewelry. :)

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