Smokey Cream Sauce

Just thought I'd share a little savory revelation I stumbled upon last week while doing some Shavuot experimentation. Firstly, good pappardelle pasta makes for a way more authentic and rustic italian pasta experience (you can get some really good varieties at Trader Joe's). It's slight chewiness plus the richness of the (almost transparent!) egg flavor gives the pasta so much more depth! I felt like I was inhaling serious fragrant handmade pasta off the coast of Venice... mmmm! Anyways, enough about the noodle. Moving on to the cream sauce. And my revelation: smoked salmon. It was the most incredible combination of flavors! Use your favorite white cream sauce recipe, and add some chopped smoked salmon and sautéd spinach leaves. The smokiness of the lox coupled with the rich creaminess of the sauce was culinarily uplifting. Even Freida licked her plate!

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