Hello again, dear lady friends. Just wanted to offer my deepest apologies at the insane lack of posting going on around here. As I've mentioned previously, we've been steeped in talk about some new and exciting developments on the work-front: my husband (so excited for you, love!!) has been given the opportunity to take on a 3 month construction project in the city of Dubai! It's the kind of prospect that comes around once in a lifetime, and G-d willing this will prove to be a giant turning point in his career. As you can imagine, there was lots and lots of talk around the whole deal; arrangements and terms that worked for the both of us (mostly lots of my terms - all about keeping the Mama happy!!), time frames for traveling, and planning a summer schedule that would work out best for all of us. With everything now (generally) settled, and the man of the house flying out on Monday morning, I've been taking advantage of our last summer week together in LA and we've been spending late nights out together on the town this past week - leaving me less than ample time for blogging and posting. :)

Frieda and I will be jetting out next week for some old-school family time at my parent's home in Skokie, and we'll be joining my sister and her kids there as well. At the end of the month the Mr. will be meeting up with us there for a week's visit (already looking forward!!). At which point, Freida and I will either join him in returning to Dubai for the remaining 6 weeks, or head with my sister to her home in Arizona. (I guess it all depends on how things there are going for him, and on how much anxiety I will have at the prospect of landing in the UAE.)

Meanwhile, Freida has been developing quite the green thumb! Amidst talking about all this growth in business, Freida and I have been discovering lots of green and lots of growth. Aside from all the in-garden exploration, I took her along to explore our local nursery (I was in desperate need of a purifying house plant, and a colorful kitchen plant). She had a great time discussing the different species with me, amiably questioning the Botanists, and was overjoyed to discover the vegetable and herb section!

Sometimes the best way to learn is via a tiny, local field trip. :)

Here's to growth - in whatever form it takes in life. Business, personal, or biological... growth is integral to life and must remain constant!

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