Blame it on: Cousins, Ice Cream, and Sunshine!

Hello, friends. I think it's been about a week since I've last made your acquaintance. And so I play the blame game, namely: cousins, ice cream, sunshine.

Freida and I touched down in Chicago O'hare last Sunday afternoon, and have been relishing in summertime ever since. Our flight was seamless (in partial thanks to a simple, yet just-tricky-enough activity I brought along for the ride), and we headed straight from the airport into full-on Independence Day backyard-barbecue-land at my aunts house (thank you Finkels!!). That evening, after baths and bedtimes, we sat outside in our jammies on my parent's porch watching the Skokie firework display. It was perfect.

Since then, it's been a week of trying to get on Central Standard Time, amidst frolicking in the sunshine, post-pool ice creams, and trips to the Lake Michigan shoreline. Freida has been immensely enjoying the extra attention, and she's been palling with her cousins non-stop!!

It's so amazing to be all together, and I'm so grateful that my folks have the space to put us all up with out families, and provide us with this prime vacation spot each summer! It's simply divine.

Anyways, I'll definitely still be around... part of my relaxation is web browsing, which in turn translates to blogging and posting - it just may not turn out as often as usual. But I'll try and keep you all posted on our summer whereabouts, adventures, and discoveries! :)

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