iSpy Bottle DIY

  About that in-flight, time-consuming activity.....

I've been seeing this concept in all the toy stores recently, and I figure it's one of those toy fads. Anyways, I figured it was easy enough to make one of my own. All you need is a collection of small trinkets from around the house, a good (dry!) water bottle, and rice. Plus, a camera to photograph the objects before inserting them into the abyss, and some hot glue to keep things tidy. :)

I gathered a slew of little toys and random house objects, and lay them out on a white paper to photograph. I then began layering rice and toys into the water bottle. Make sure you leave a nice amount (more than an inch) at the top of the bottle so that the kids have room to shake it and move things around. Cover the bottle, and glue it shut. I printed the photo and laminated it so that Freida can hold it and go from object to object on her own. We assembled it together (which was part of the fun), but then I hid it away until on the flight, at which point she was ecstatic to play with it, and spent ample time problem solving with each little shake.


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