Goat Milk Organic Undies

We had a little yeast infection scare with Freida today... Brought her in to the Doc because she was complaining of pain each time she used the potty yesterday. Turns out, thankfully, she doesn't have an infection, just a slight irritation/heat rash. Crisis (and a round of antibiotics!) avoided.

But it got me concerned about the possibility for little girls - especially newly potty-trained - developing bacterial infections down there. Especially in the summer. Tight moisture wicking bathing suit bottoms, sweaty little undies rubbing against denim cutoffs, millions of too-excited-to-properly-wipe trips to the toilet, and much too many sugar-laden freeze pops just up the odds.

Even though Freida has been wearing 100% cotton undies, I decided to have a quick look around the web for lightweight, loose-fitting, cotton panties. Happened upon a shop filled solely with the most simple European-style organic cotton underwear separates for kids - right out of NYC! Got quite a blast from the past when I laid eyes on these singles --- my own mom had me wearing organic cotton pointelle undergarments just like these until I was in the 5th grade! Well, now I understand. This line of Goat Milk kidswear is so charmingly organic, it makes me feel like I can put the closest thing to nature on her delicate little body. Light, simple, soft, and natural. You can check it out here, and you can also pick some up at Sweet William shops in NY.


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