Porsche, Baby!!

Holy guacamole! Porche P'4911 baby stroller is hitting the tracks!! Features like "a unique mix of materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, leather, ball-bearing wheels" etc. have got me thinking about the old Porsche saying: "You can live in your car, but you can't race your house". :)

While Porsche has had a nice little repertoire of children's gear and toys for quite some time now, this piece of realistic road-gear definitely takes consumers to a whole new racetrack!

I have to say, it was interesting waking up to this email after all that Missoni-for-Target craziness yesterday got me thinking all about vanity-insanity... My first thought was how awfully drastic our consumer industry has become. But after thinking about it a little longer, I came to the conclusion that the more significant point made here is where we, as housewives and homemakers, stand in today's society: we're coming in first, baby! Sports cars used to be for the single, the financially independent (and irresponsible), the lonely thrill-seekers, the young and the restless etc. But after the production of models like the CayennePanamera (not to mention this!!) and now the stroller (!!) - the genius behind Porsche has got me smiling about where women today have come to - they're mothers. And badass ones, at that! :)

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