Jr. Yoga: Sun Salutation

Some of you girls have been asking me about what video I use when doing Yoga with Freida, and while she's been joining in my AM Yoga routines since she was a wee little thing, we are currently really loving getting our morning stretch on to the "Sundance" by the Bari Koral rock band. My favorite thing about this specific video is that it is fast paced enough for me to join right along with her and actually get a good enough stretch. Also, the animal imitations and sounds make this super fun for her to keep up and moving - she has me put the video clip on repeat at least 3 times.

I love Yoga for kids because I find all the stretching and breathing relaxes and energizes little kids in a way that other exercises seem to tire them out (which is great too!) or rile them up. Freida reacts really well to these positions, and always seems happily mellowed out after each routine. If you have younger children and long for the benefits of a quiet stretching hour, there are heaps of "mommy & me" Yoga classes all about your town - a simple Google search is bound to yield plenty of Yoga Studio finds offering these mom + baby classes. Also, these little mats are wonderful to have on hand for any sort of mom/baby studio class.



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