Garlands Gone Wild

I know that, for the most part, two days prior to the chag is not the very best time to land upon design ideas for the inside of one's Sukkah - as you're all likely bringing the heat in the kitchen. While I'm not yet blessed with a yard of my own, nor a Sukkah that can hold and entertain guests, I am blessed with a wonderful sister who's home (and outdoor dwelling) I will be frequenting this holiday; therefore I am only just happening upon and curating some last minute Sukkah decoration inspiration as I am not a slave to the stove this holiday season.

Garlands have made a gigantic comeback as a well-welcomed blast-from-the-far-away-past, and seem to still be lingering as an "it" item on the decoration front for the 3rd year in a row! Charming, peaceful, and whimsical, it's no wonder this simple strand of happiness graces everything from children's rooms to party buffet tables - the concept of this string of things is simply wonderful. Here's a little roundup of some of my (easy and not-so-simple) favorites - especially as a way to deck out those wooden walls!

Paint Chip Carnival Garland - easiest no-budget, no-sew DIY ever!

You can make this in any color combo out there, but my favorite is going with a one-color theme in a myriad of shades (you can check out the pinks one I made for Freida's room). Of course, some natural shades of autumn would be just perfect for the Sukkah-vibe...

Dixie Cup Lights Garland - low on time + low on money: you've got yourself an enchanting strand of night lights!

Little Dixie cups, an assortment of pretty paper, and a strand of Christmas lights come together and bring you to the most fabulous form of DIY outdoor/indoor ambiance-enhancing lighting!

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland - Confetti System craving? DIY!

Tassels just might be the hottest thing out there at the moment, and these little tissue paper duds truly deliver! Easy-as-pie tutorial makes this party-on-a-string something for every party-girl to covet for their wooden walls!

Yarn Balls of Light - the most fun and fantastical way to light up!

I've been obsessing over the French lighting company La Case de Cousin Paul, and finally discovered a way to make a similar DIY version of these colorful little yarn balls - just add a strand of brilliant light! While I can't wait to create some of these beautiful rows for Freida's bedroom, I also think these would be fabulous Sukkah lighting options - bring some enchanting wonderment to the natural nighttime eatery.

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