Playing with Paint

Over the weekend we knocked the kitchen off our "to do" and painted the eating area, plus one accent kitchen wall, the most perfect shade of sunshine yellow. It's by far my favorite room in the house right now!! Can't wait to move onto furnishing the inside of that little eating nook and creating the "hub" of the house. I'm on the lookout for a tulip-styled round white table for 4, some mismatched mid-century modern seating, an oversized corkboard for the wall, a funky DIY light fixture (that I can't wait to share with you!!), and some bright green potted wheatgrass to make the yellow even more sunshine-y. Can't wait to see it all come together in there!!

The most important part of choosing the paint color for this kitchen was the flooring; a way to avoid it. We picked a shade that was in the floor but that would direct eyes away from it. I really can't get over how well this method works! not only do our eyes steer clear of the flooring now, but the floor actually looks close to cute against this pop of color!

Freida took to it like a pro!

Every morning when I see the paint cans waiting idly on the floor for Sunday to come around once more, the bright and colorful dripping paint never fails to make me smile.

I must seriously be consumed with thoughts of paint, because somehow I started seeing paint everywhere!!

How adorable is this wooden bowling play set??

Nothing like some beautiful and unique Japanese playthings to brighten up your day (not to mention a hilariously translated, non-decipherable website!).

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