Temporary Tats

While I've got body art on my mind, how many of you have happened upon the super-cute temporary tat line known as Tattly?? I fondly remember sporadic family dinner trips to the local kosher diner, and my parents giving my siblings and I a few quarters to mess around with in the vending machines. We always came home with some uber-cheesy temporary tattoos, and proceeded to nag my parents to apply them to little forearms, wrists, and ankels after bathtime with a wet sponge and some pressure. Temporary tattoos are totally a part of my childhood (especially the part where I got caught sporting one at school!), but I never thought the day would come when this easy little paper-and-water applicated body art-form made it to design-y cult status! Meet Tattly...

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/33616302]

Here are a slew of my favorites:

Fantastic, right?? The "Tattone" number just cracks me up! And naturally, I'm smitten by those Eames rockers. And that scribble onto a little boys arm? Pretty believably Sharpie-gone-awry! (And I want to smack that Mother anchor right onto my pumped up forearm - it deserves some love after all the freakishly-nesting scrubbing and scouring I did this morning!). :)

But this one just takes the cake! Love?

Also, I can think of so many people I'd love to gift with this "complete kitchen" set!

How fun!!

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