Easy Fasting + Weekend Round-up!!

Mourning the destruction of the Temple, and in essence, of an era, always lands me in some fantastical daydream of what the world would be like... I start off reading Eicha and wind up imagining our life, modern age as it is, in Jerusalem with the Temple! Do you ever think about that? iPhones, facebook, instagram and sacrificial offerings?

Anyways, while I try to make it all jive in my head, and keep my energy up through this long and grueling fast... here's some things I thought you might enjoy checking out:

- My mom bought me this print a few years ago, and it's display on a shelf of siddurim in my living room continues to inspire me and force me to remember the Temple each and every day.

- Also, this photograph gives me chills.

- Looking forward to haircuts + music? The mashup! :)

- Missing your weekday meat? Here's the most summery steak recipe ever!

- I'm 4 lbs. from my "lose 10lbs." goal (yay!!) - here's what helps me.

- Here's what doesn't help me :)

- Get through the heaps of laundry tomorrow while dreaming of this dreamy laundry room...!

- Cola Bombs will get the kids outside + kill some time this afternoon.

- I'm currently in middle of this book, and it's been a great read and an intense eye-opener.

- Get through the last 2 hours after the kids are in bed with this.

Wishing you all an easy fast!! Hope the kids behave and the milk supply doesn't run too low (I know I shouldn't be nervous, but I am)!!


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