Autumn & Atonement

While this past weekend heralded the start of the crispest season, here in LA it's been feeling like smack-dab-middle of Summer!! So while I crave a curb in the heat, I thought I'd share some links I've been loving (especially since I've been too busy lazy to properly post about them!):

- Cutest "Jonah and the Whale" craft ever! Just swap the sailboat for a little man!

- A. This sandwich looks delish! B. Can't believe this kid ordered it! C. How great is the photography??

- Gilded booties for fall! Link anyone?

- Freida and I have plans to make this honey cake together this evening after bathtime. (It became a bit of a tradition for her to stay up late and bake honey cake with me the day before Yom Kippur).

- Butternut Squash Bowling!!

- This family's camping trip took my breathe away! Looks incredibly delicious (especially the picture of those yummy little children peeking out of the tent all bed-headed)!!

- Cuddly Kaporos. :)

- Was kind of disappointed MadMen didn't bring home an Emmy last night... Isn't Don Draper a tzaddik??

- Cookie Monster has had our house rocking to Share It Maybe!!

- Gorgeous fall lips!

That's all for now. :)

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