Sandy's Power

Talk of hurricane devastation can be heard at most every coffee shop, office water-cooler-conversation, and definitely each refreshed Facebook feed. And while relief funds are vital and imperative (please click here to help!), sometimes it's wondrous to stop and see what kind of human kindness and interdependency comes about through stormy destruction.I glimpsed this image, and immediately and unexpectedly teared up. Sometimes it's not the greif that shakes us most; but the love that wakes in the wake of disaster.

So, here's to the beautiful people of New York City! Sending you many warm wishes - stay forever dry, warm, and powerful!!

P.S. I recently read an article about children and storms, and how they don't wind up with memories of catastrophe, but rather memories of adventure and excitement. I found that to be personally true, and a lovely sentiment for parents struggling through the aftermath to think about...

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