I've had this post of uploaded photos sitting in my dashboard for a good couple of months now... And the only reason why I even noticed it today is because I have Freida home from school (Veterans Day? Teachers in Service Day? Not really sure what's going down.) and she's been pining for a trip to Babycakes on her "day off". And of course now all I can think about is a Babycakes cookie sandwich...  Hmm.

Vegan, Gluten-free, and Pas Yisroel, we had originally gone to their flagship Larchmont location to sample (a slew of!) their sweet confections and to pick up a literal "baby cake" for baby Hudi's half birthday. But naturally, she slept through our post-lunch rendezvous for dessert in her honor, and we ended up celebrating her later at home.

As I said, we sampled a slew! Freida chose a salted-caramel whoopie pie, Manasseh went for a hot waffle with an icing shot and a blueberry donut, and I decided to try their famous red velvet cupcake and their cookie sandwich.#Yumminess :)

(She had way too much fun reenacting "then she licked the pink cupcake wrapper clean!". Pinkalicious, anyone?)

And, we are definitely going to be making another family trip there one Sunday morning to try this:

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