Artist: Maja Lindberg

I was working on a blog post for a company recently, and was researching the Dreamworks logo (you know the boy fishing from the moon?), and I happened upon a children's artist that totally made me look. Maja Lindberg is a Sweden based illustrator and designer who says her work is inspired by fairy tales, dreams and childhood memories. Her art totally struck a chord in me, and I really related to some of her themes and inspirations. (I know that sounds really weird, since it's just childrens art, but since I've been working through so much pain and introspection, I find myself relating strongly to the oddest of things!) Here are some of her pieces:

Up In The Air


Fishing for Stars : Sometimes you feel lonely, even when you are surrounded by friends and family. But tomorrow is a new day…


The Babysitter : Who hasn’t been surrounded by kids and felt like this?


The Balloon : In many of my illustrations the children are up in the sky and flying. The best dreams that I’ve ever had is when you realize that  you are able to fly. It’s so easy and you wonder why you never done it before. I still remember one special dream that I had when I was a kid, I just moved my legs and started to raise up in the sky and I flew over the landscape, looking down on the hills, fields and the ocean.


Night Meeting : Face your worst nightmare, and hopefully you’ll learn that it wasn’t that bad.


You can check out more and buy her prints on her Etsy site.

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