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Mod Men

Betty1 Like most of my neighborhood right now, I've been completely enwrapped in the new season of Mad Men. The 2 hour premiere had me benched in its iconic riveting drama (I'm usually too ADD to sit through a full-feature film of 90 minutes or more!), and this weeks episode, To Have and to Hold, left me entrapped in their mid-century modern world - thinking about their lifestyles and relationships in a way one usually only thinks about themselves... Aside from obsessing over the time-period pieces of furniture and fashion, I've been thinking lots about the contrast in the roles of the sexes, racism, and even politics. TV has gotten seriously thought provoking, ladies. And I'm loving it.

Anyways! While the world was waiting anxiously for the premiere of Season 6, heaps of graphic artists and designers produced pieces inspired by the Mad Men time warp. This collection from Shutterstock made me look: Mod Men, The World of Man Men Through a 21st-Century Lens:

mod men




Autumn & Atonement

While this past weekend heralded the start of the crispest season, here in LA it's been feeling like smack-dab-middle of Summer!! So while I crave a curb in the heat, I thought I'd share some links I've been loving (especially since I've been too busy lazy to properly post about them!):

- Cutest "Jonah and the Whale" craft ever! Just swap the sailboat for a little man!

- A. This sandwich looks delish! B. Can't believe this kid ordered it! C. How great is the photography??

- Gilded booties for fall! Link anyone?

- Freida and I have plans to make this honey cake together this evening after bathtime. (It became a bit of a tradition for her to stay up late and bake honey cake with me the day before Yom Kippur).

- Butternut Squash Bowling!!

- This family's camping trip took my breathe away! Looks incredibly delicious (especially the picture of those yummy little children peeking out of the tent all bed-headed)!!

- Cuddly Kaporos. :)

- Was kind of disappointed MadMen didn't bring home an Emmy last night... Isn't Don Draper a tzaddik??

- Cookie Monster has had our house rocking to Share It Maybe!!

- Gorgeous fall lips!

That's all for now. :)

Fab Neon Sacs

I feel like we've been seeing shots of these neon satchels everywhere! (Pinterest, anyone?) Using one of these brightly hued totes can work as a dose of color to upgrade any classic ensemble, to bring some daytime to a nighttime look, or to easily anchor a punk-rock getup.


Well, today you can snag these beautiful sacs at!! If you don't yet have a Fab account, you can create one here!

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